What is a domain name?

A domain name is the unique address which points to your website. Eg. nyambabedesigns.co.tz

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the web space that you need to rent in order to publish your website online. Web hosting companies offer various packages. We can help you choose the appropriate package for your website needs.

How do I get an email address for my domain?

Most web hosting packages include email addresses on a domain. We can help you choose the right package.

What is the website design process?

First, we talk to you either face-to-face or on the phone so we understand what you want from a new website and start to understand what your business is about. We then send you a quotation, timescale for the work and payment schedule. If this is acceptable, we can get started.

We’ll then send you a questionnaire to find out more about you, your business and contact details for the website. We aim to get your site live within two weeks, but this depends on a timely response to any queries.

How long will it take to design my website?

This is dependent on the size of the project and the time it takes you the client to provide content, information and any feedback on our design ideas.

As a rough guide:

Brochure websites can be up and running in 2 to 4 weeks. More complex projects can take longer.

Ecommerce websites can take 4 to 10 weeks depending on size and complexity.

We know that deadlines are very important and we will always do our utmost to meet them.

What is the payment schedule for website works?

For new website designs, 25% (non refundable) deposit is required before work starts, the final payment is due when the site goes live.

Can you help me with images for my website?

We are happy to advice on the images needed. Most people take their own images using mobile phones or cameras, and these are mostly ideal for using on website designs. Alternatively you can use a professional photographer to take your photos.

Please note, it is very important that any images used on your website are owned by yourself. We will not accept any images taken from Google unless you can prove you own the copyright or that they are royalty free.

You can source copyright free images from www.unsplash.com or www.pexels.com.

I need an Ecommerce website, can you help?

Yes. We can set up an e-commerce website to include integration with popular payment providers such as PayPal, Pesapal etc.

Does my website need an SSL Certificate?

We would recommend that you should purchase an SSL certificate. Customers are becoming increasingly more informed on internet safety and if they can see your website has got an https rather than http, it can only raise their impression of your business. Also, Google is now rewarding websites with an SSL certificate with higher rankings.

Will I own the finished product?

Yes. All we ask is the right to use screenshots and a description of your site in our work portfolio.

I don't live near Mwanza, can I use your services?

Yes. We have clients both local to Mwanza and further afield. We often meet local clients face-to-face but can communicate effectively with clients from any location by internet, email and telephone.

Do you outsource your work?

No. All our work is 100% in-house, so we have complete control. And you can contact us at any time.

If I ask for a Quote, what happens next?

Initially we either meet up or talk on the phone to learn about your business and your requirements and objectives.

Next we make recommendations on how to achieve your objectives. And we give a fixed quote for the work.

Once you are happy with our proposal, the website design can begin, starting with the front page design and then the inner pages with the necessary functionalities eg. enquiry form, etc.

How much does a New Website cost?

Our website designs are tailor-made to your requirements and your business.

Guideline Costs:

Brochure Marketing Websites – many projects cost TZS 1,000,000 (no vat) but more complex, large sites would cost more.
Ecommerce Websites – projects start from TZS 4,500,000 (no vat).

How much do your SEO services cost?

Our SEO services include: Keyword & competitor research, Review coding, Review meta tags, Optimise images, Correct errors, Review scripting, Optimise Google maps, Optimise Social media presence, Build links etc…

Basic SEO package: 2.5 hr pm – $150 pm
Standard SEO package: 4 hr pm – $200 pm

What do I need to provide you with to get started?

This information is required to some extent for all our services.

Copy text – I ask for draft some content during the Structure and content stage of the project. Although I like to talk to each cllient about many aspects of their business so that I have my own notes as a basis.

Photos – Quality images of your product or service is essential to do your business justice. Many people use good photos taken on photos or cameras, some use professional photos. Landscape photos are often more useful in website work.

Branding – Your logo and any other branding/marketing assets you have.

Do you use WordPress?

Yes. WordPress is a very popular platform and is continually updated with the latest functionality. It is flexible for creating beautiful designs and powerful features for selling your products or services.

What about Search Engine Optimisation on the new website?

Before we start each new website, we research the best  keywords for your business, to ensure that Google will be able to find your website. We include all on-page SEO for the site, each page and the elements within a page. We ensure that the site is fast, images are optimised with alt-text to improve your SEO score.

However, SEO is not a ‘one trick pony’, it requires ongoing work to stay optimised. For this reason some of our clients use our Search Engine Optimisation Service for ongoing SEO work each month to retain and improve their Google rankings.

What type of security will be on my website?

Security and backups are very important to prevent your website from being hacked. These features need to be completed and kept updated regularly.

We install Plugins on your site for security:

Wordfence Security – provides many security features along with alerts to any suspicious activity on your site

Updraft Plus – A free to use back up plugin that once set up backs up your site automatically. It is YOUR responsibility to update and backup your site. Alternatively we can provide an ongoing monthly website maintenance plan.

This is very important! We do NOT keep any backups of your site if things go wrong. If anything does happen and you lose your site you are not entitled to a refund or it is not our responsibility.

Will my website be connected to Google Analytics and Google Search?

Yes. You will need a Google account for Google Analytics, Google Search and for your Google My Business. With your Google login details, we can set up these features and links to your new website at no extra cost.

Will my website be connected to my Social Media pages?

Yes. We can set up links to your social media pages from the new website at no extra cost.